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Trade Qualifications

Red Seal Refrigeration Journeyman

Red Seal Plumbing Journeyman

Alberta Class A Gas Fitter


Refrigeration equipment is called by many different names. In some cases the equipment isn't intended to get cold but there is a cold section in the processes. Here are some of the types of systems that I work on.

1. Walk-in coolers and freezers

2. Air Conditioning units

3. Ice makers, block, cubed, crushed or flakers

4. Chillers, water or glycol

5. Dehumidifiers remove moisture from air

6. Heat pumps air to air or geo-thermal

7. Process components ie: dry cleaning machines

8. Ultra low refrigeration or cryogenic units

9. Growth chambers for various scientific experiments, plants etc

10. Automobiles and farm equipment air conditioning

I have the knowledge and experience to troubleshoot and repair refrigeration and heating problems in equipment such as the above and others.

The Pondering of a Serviceman


Please watch this area for helpful suggestions on simple maintenance issues and explanation of terms commonly used in the trades that others may not understand. If we receive questions for specific information you may find the answers here.